Let us help maximize your online dating experience! Please find some tips below:

Do’s and don'ts...  keep these in mind, and online dating should be an incredible experience!

  • If you see someone you know on the website, do not spread rumors and do not publicize it. Respect their privacy.
  • You are the one who decides when you are ready for dating. If you are not over your last relationship, then don’t sign up yet. This is an exclusive dating community and we need to ensure that it is a positive experience for everyone.
  • Be honest!
  • If you like someone, give yourselves time to get to know each other better. There is no point in rushing anything.
  • Stick to reality and be yourself. Don’t worry about meeting anyone face to face. You won’t disappoint the right person in the right time.
  • Respect every member, even if those you meet are not a 100% your type. We ask that you still treat members with the respect and decency that you would expect for yourself.
  • Have fun and enjoy yourself. Be patient, because the whole point of online dating is to meet great people who are compatible with you.

Best of luck with your search for love,
From OneLove4Ever team