"You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed…"

Previously we have discussed how much we care about little animals' lives and how involved we are with animal rescue shelters. We truly believe it is important to take part of animal rescue and to encourage our members to join us. We feel it is necessary to consider the available means we have that could help the poor, powerless animals around us find a home. Many pets are without a home due to various circumstances. These little ones need our support, and we would like to help them dearly by raising money to send them to rescue homes. 

We would like to acquire a more active role in this mission. Therefore, we will donate one dollar from each of your membership fees to an animal rescue shelter. To be fair, every month a different shelter will receive a donation. With all this being said, all of our paying members should feel that they are changing the lives of these unfortunate pets. 

Can we count on you?