8 Ways to Have the Best Holidays Ever

The holiday season is now upon us, and with it comes the hope that this one will be truly magical. However, many of us women quickly get bogged down in busyness, stress and old patterns which leave us frustrated and exhausted.

What if I waved a magic wand so that you can glide through the holidays with ease and joy?
The holiday season is here and whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa or simply "the season," what most women have in common during this time of year is stress with a capital S.
It’s no wonder with all the events, activities and family gatherings going on.  There’s also the kids being out of school, house guests that may be coming, and perhaps even planning a trip. And let’s not forget to mention shopping for gifts, sending greeting cards and decorating the house.  Plus the credit cards are adding up and you've got more chores than you can shake a stick at and your "to do" list is longer than Santa's beard!
Well have no worries ladies, I've got the solution.
Simply follow these 8 Ways to Have the Best Holidays Ever and watch stress disappear and be replaced with holiday joy and cheer.
  1. Give yourself a break.  Let your best be good enough and let go of the added pressure on yourself to create the perfect holiday for your family. Focus instead on the traditions that make holidays special for you.
  2. Make conscious decisions. Get clear about what you really want to do over the holidays before compromising with others. If you don’t have a clear plan and clear intentions, you might find yourself getting swept along by others’ desires. Even if you compromise later, get clear first.
  3. Say no when you want to.  It sounds simple, but too often obligation trumps desire. Limit obligatory activities. If you can’t avoid certain events, limit the time you’re there. When faced with options, choose the one that would make you happier. It's okay to say "no" to events that aren't important to you. It’s very liberating and magical too. This will give you more time to say "yes" to events that you do want to attend.
  4. Shorten your to-do list. Prioritize and make lists and set aside specific times to accomplish certain tasks. Make a plan for both your time and money--and stick  to it. It really is the thought that counts. Consider what do the holidays mean to you? For many, it’s about family and friends and spirituality. If an item doesn't add to your holiday spirit, scratch it off.
  5. Ask for help and be specific.  Preparing for the holidays can be shared with others. It’s more fun to do things together—from decorating the house to wrapping presents to preparing the holiday meal. People may be more willing to help out than you expect; they just need some guidance from you on what to do. The more specific you are in your request, the more successful you’ll be.
  6. Consider alternatives to family gatherings. Family gatherings may be complex given blended families and special holiday arrangements. Conflicting family expectations and demands can create guilt and resentment. If family gatherings cause tension and anxiety, consider alternatives that can lessen the effects. Make plans well enough in advance so you can discuss them with others involved. Avoid any last minute surprises or disappointments. And remember that just because it's a holiday, family problems don't go away. If you have a hard time being around your relatives, it's okay to set limits on your time at events and visits.
  7. Give something personal. You can show love and caring with any gift that is meaningful and personal. It doesn't have to cost a lot. Or use words instead of an expensive gift to let people know how important they are to you. Make a phone call or write a note and share your feelings.
  8. Take good care of yourself.  Do those things that nurture you and help keep stress at bay: eat healthfully, exercise, drink lots of water, schedule time for relaxation. Take a walk and breathe in the fresh air. Find a place to be quiet and restful. Go there often.  Remember to play. Have fun. Share special time with the children or other family members.
The holidays is a time to pause, reflect, and enjoy the simple blessings of the season giving everyone an opportunity to reconnect with family and friends, to capture its joyArticle Search, to experience its peace and comfort and to wonder at the sights and sounds of the holidays.
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Josee Smith is known as the NO Excuse Health Coach specializing in helping professional working women who are sick and tired of struggling with overwhelm and stress to restore their energy and feel healthier and happier!
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