The Youthing Movement - What is Your Real Age?

I can remember the day I was doing a consultation with a young mother who had multiple health challenges. 

She had just told me that although she was thirty, she felt like 89. She was very intuitive - she had picked up on her "Biological Age" (BA)-exactly.
The internal function of the body is something we rarely think about while we are involved in the "daily dash"; skip a meal, skimp on sleep, stress over deadlines/finances/family, grab a coffee, coke, candy (or cigarette). Force the body to keep moving when it tells you it can't, and you've added another day to your BA.
Mass consciousness has been about the stages of life, from birth to old age, with very little thought about health. Enter the Baby Boomers, the sixty plus crowd, with a different agenda, the possibility of slowing down the aging process. Science calls it the longevity factor and it's keeping researchers busy finding ways to extend life indefinitely.
Immortality - it may smack of science fiction now, but perhaps not in another decade or two. In their book, Fantastic Voyage, Ray Kurzweil, a futurist, and Terry Grossman, a medical doctor, share their determination to "live long enough to live forever". Their book has been heavily researched, showing that immortality is within reach, perhaps as close as two decades from now.1
Where will you be in twenty years? Will you be living the active life? Or will the wear and tear of "living" leave you with a worn out heart and joints? Will Alzheimer's have claimed your mind or cancer your body? In the past, the biochemistry of aging was cut and dried - aging happens.
The body's ability to maintain health declines as its 75 trillion cells output less and less energy, robbed of their life-force by things over which we have had no control, like a toxic environment or the stress and trauma of daily events. But there were also life-style choices that take their toll. A weakened body easily falls prey to disease - and death.
Chronological age, our years on the planet, truly has little to do with how we look or feel. The feminist, Gloria Steinem, when she turned forty, had a reporter tell her she didn't "look forty". She shot back, "This is what forty looks like!" She had work to do. Again at fifty and sixty she made sure we knew her real age. Then, at seventy, she reminded us again, never missing a beat in her campaign for the rights of women. At seventy her mirror age was forty-five and an intuited rating of her BA a healthy 30! How does she do it?
The Secret Is Out
Look around. The people who are still active in their seventies, eighties and nineties not only continue to make a difference on the planet but look great while they're doing it. Ask them how old they "feel" and they'll give you an age between thirty and forty; their biological age orinternal function is that of a much younger person. It starts with a strong constitution. Seldom sick, these are people who are anxious to keep their bodies and minds moving. Seldom will they be found watching television. They water ski, hike, write books, get degrees, start businesses. Their deeds are newsworthy. My all-time favorite collection is What's Age Got to Do With It? 2
It's never too late to begin de-aging our bodies or, to use the updated term, "youthing". How far can we go? Not too long ago we believed "prime" was eighteen but recently we've noticed the healthiest people are testing at an intuited age of "sixteen", no matter what their chronological age. Most amazing!
Tips for Biological De-Aging
There are hundreds of thousands of people today, desperately trying to regain their youth through extreme means - liposuction, Botox treatments, cosmetic surgery and stomach stapling. Unfortunately, the body is traumatized by surgeries/"procedures" which cause damage to the Repair Loop, literally putting a ceiling on the body's ability to self-repair.3 So the Hollywood stars who maintain "mirror age" by such extreme measures can literally have a Biological Age of ninety years because of Repair Loop damage.
It is better to treat the body gently using deep cellular cleansing to amp the frequencies of the cells for self-repair. Once there, cells continue to regenerate forever, according to Dr. Alexis Carroll who received a Nobel Prize for the research that proved the cell "immortal".4
Youthing has always been from the inside out. Here are the six secrets of youthing - all common sense and none difficult or costly.
1. Intent - consider opting out of the "senior" classification. Watch your thoughts, attitudes, actions and even dress!

2. Nutrition - choose "real" foods over "fake". Natural foods have the higher frequencies needed for cellular repair/regeneration.
  • You are what you eat.
  • Keep the body alkaline by limiting acidic animal products, which are hard on the human system not only because they are difficult to digest, but because they leave an acid ash.
  • The average size person needs about two quarts of "free" (i.e., no flavor) water daily to rehydrate cells for fewer wrinkles and optimal brain function.
  • Eating quality food not only provides better nutrition but allows you to feel satisfied after a meal. Your body's nutritional needs are met so overeating and snacking are no longer necessary. By the way, calorie conscious people can add years to their lives.
3. Exercise pumps the lymph system to bring oxygen/nutrients to tissues and deals with toxins and even microbes. Also great for skin and heart, for limber joints and muscle tone. Brain exercises are imperative!

4. Continue to work in some capacity - volunteer if necessary and stay socially active! TV is a brain deactivator. Don't get caught in that trap.

5. Good sleep/relaxation - stressed bodies accelerate aging.

6. Cell regeneration through cleansing/detoxification-the big one!
  • Natural supplementation using vitamins/minerals, herbs, homeopathics, colon cleansing, are definitely helpful.
  • For deep cellular cleansing to the DNA, and including the energy fields, try energy medicine.
You may want to take better care of yourself from now on just because it will keep you young. And conversely, you'll stay young because you're taking better care of yourself. It's the circle of life. Mickey Mantle, the famous baseball player, learned this maxim too late. His famous quote was "If I had known I was going to live so long, I would have taken better care of myself."
And if you're still young, you might like to join in the fun and keep your youthful appearance by maintaining a low Biological Age. What happens inside the body will ultimately show up on the outside, revealing your "real" age.
Mae West said it, "You're never too old to become younger". It's easier than you can imagine, and a whole lot more fun than the alternative.
1. Ray Kurzweil & Terry Grossman, M.D., Fantastic Voyage 
2. Kelly Ferrin, What's Age Got to Do With It? 
3. Carol Rose Keppler, M.EI, "Immune Breakthrough: The Newly Discovered Repair Loop" 
4. Alexis Carroll, Ph.D., Nobel Prize 1912
Carol Keppler, B.S., Ed., has spent the last 30 years developing her proprietary systems and products. An Energy Intuitive, she reads the energy output of the cells of the organs/systems of the body through intuition confirmed by kinesiology/muscle testing. Her accuracy rate is 97% or better - one of the highest on the planet. Carol's clientele spans the globe. Her QuickScan method provides the solution for distance which is not a factor when working with intuition. Her trademarked SixStep System, AltWaters Technology, Body Chart System, QuickScan; and Energy Medicine Foundation have established her as a true pioneer in the energy medicine field. Please visit her websites http://www.altwaters.com and http://energymedicinefoundation.org. You may email for more information also at info [bejgli] altwaters.com 
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